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Dr. Ruth Anderson, Author of Get Moving! Live Better, Live Longer

About the Author


Dr. Ruth Anderson, Author of Get Moving! Live Better, Live LongerDr. Ruth Anderson, MD, MS is a board certified physician in anesthesiology and pain management, noted fitness expert, and wellness consultant. Dr. Anderson combines her extensive medical background with a masters degree in exercise physiology and twenty-five years of experience in fitness and nutrition to bring a unique perspective to health and patient care. Dr. Anderson was a dance major at the prestigious NYU School of the Arts in New York City until a back injury ended her dreams as a professional dancer. She went on to earn a BS in counseling and a MS in exercise physiology from Penn State University. She attended medical school at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas where she graduated in the top 10% of her class, and was fellowship trained in Pain Management at the University of Chicago.

Dr. Anderson ran a hospital-based fitness program in Fort Worth, Texas for two years where her passion for health and wellness flourished. Dr. Anderson currently runs her own pain management practice in Palm Desert, California where she uses her fitness and wellness expertise to teach her patients that the power to heal lies within and provides the tools to help them reach their goals. Dr. Anderson, a mother of two to Brad and Kate, spends her free time hiking, cooking for family and friends and writing this book.


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Type II diabetes can be cured in most cases with exercise and weight loss

As A physician, exercise is the best and most effective medicine I can prescribe, however it is the most underutilized

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