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Get Moving! Live Better, Live Longer - Exercise is Medicine, it is the only intervention known to decrease your chances of dying from all causes. No pills, no supplements, no diet can make this claim.


Quick exercises for Arthritis

Sit to Stand
Sit on a firm straight backed chair. Engage your core (tighten your stomach like someone was going to punch you in the gut). With stomach strong, slowly stand up. Use your legs, not your arms to lift your body off the chair. If you cannot stand without using your arms, allow them to assist you - but no more than necessary. Slowly lower back to the seated position but halfway down pause to the count of 2 or 4 then continue to the seated position. Repeat 10 times (targets quadriceps, core).

Seated Leg Extension
Sit in a firm straight backed chair with knees bent and feet on the floor. Slowly extend your right leg until it is straight out in front of you. Hold your leg in the straight position for a count of 4 then lower. When you can do this, slightly raise your leg off the chair once you have straightened it. Keep your back straight and your stomach firm and hold your leg off the chair for a count of 2-4 then lower your leg and return to the starting position (targets quadriceps).


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