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Get Moving! Live Better, Live Longer - Exercise is Medicine, it is the only intervention known to decrease your chances of dying from all causes. No pills, no supplements, no diet can make this claim.


A regular exercise program eases pain in aching joints and returns function to arthritis sufferers by strengthening the muscles that support each aching joint. Exercise treats the pain of arthritis, but most importantly, strong muscles minimize the wear and tear on your joints which slows and even prevents the development of arthritis.

Also, it is very important to follow guidelines for an anti-inflammatory diet; the same diet that fights heart disease, cancer and all the ills of modern society. See Chapter 2 in my book, GET MOVING! Live Better, Live Longer for my 4 Golden Rules of nutrition.

GET MOVING outlines programs to treat arthritic hips, knees and shoulders but the general information I provide is useful for any arthritic joint.

Simple Tips to Prevent Arthritic Knees

Keep your thigh muscles strong to protect your knees.
Pay attention to how you get up from a chair – are you using your arms to push yourself up? Don’t. Make sure you tighten your core and stand up just using your legs.
Take the stairs instead of the elevator to use your thighs on a daily basis.
When you are getting up out of a chair pause halfway up and hold that position for a count of 2 or 4. Again, you are strengthening your thighs daily.

Click here for these quick exercises from GET MOVING! Live Better, Live Longer.




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