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Get Moving! Live Better, Live Longer - Exercise is Medicine, it is the only intervention known to decrease your chances of dying from all causes. No pills, no supplements, no diet can make this claim.

Low Back Pain

Exercise (specifically core strengthening) is the most effective way to prevent and even treat your low back pain. You see, the only proven treatment of many pain diseases is regular exercise, an anti-inflammatory diet, and maintenance of your optimal weight. Chronic pain is a much different animal than the acute pain of a broken arm. Your arm pain will ease as the fracture heals. But chronic pain is a disease of your nervous system pain pathways and the best doctors can do is to control your symptoms like we control your blood pressure or diabetes. Medicine has no cures yet, just band aids. But your lifestyle choices will make a significant impact on whether you control your pain or your pain controls you.

Like the other diseases in GET MOVING, your exercise and lifestyle choices will do more to combat your disease than any pill or injection your doctor offers. In fact the reason we give pain pills and do pain injections is to control your pain enough that you can get moving and get strong. Up to 80% of chronic pain is believed to result from weak deconditioned muscles. That is where a good exercise program supervised by a physical therapist is key.

Click to view my favorite core strengthening exercises.

I use these to keep my back pain under control and hope they help you too. Remember to use pain as your guide. You donít want to feel significant pain with any of these exercises. I recommend using a good physical therapist to get you started. Itís important to have a trained set of eyes on you, to make sure you are doing the exercises safely with proper form. A trainer does not have the expertise you need to be safe.



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