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Get Moving! Live Better, Live Longer - Exercise is Medicine, it is the only intervention known to decrease your chances of dying from all causes. No pills, no supplements, no diet can make this claim.

Exercise is Medicine

'Exercise is Medicineí has been popularized by The American College of Sports Medicine. My job is to bring the news to you. Your job is to use it. You can drop your blood pressure, treat your diabetes and even control the pain of arthritis with an exercise program targeted at your specific medical problems. Doctors canít teach you this, trainers at the gym canít teach you this, but I can.

In GET MOVING! Live Better, Live Longer, I have combined 50 years of scientific exercise research with my expertise as a physician and exercise physiologist to give you easy, step-by-step programs to combat the most common diseases that plague our society. With an appropriately directed exercise program, you can take charge of your health, but how do you start?

Click on the links below to learn more about the following diseases. You can prevent and cure disease
with the right exercise program.

Dr. Ruth Anderson, MD, MS


Heart Disease
Low Back Pain

Get Moving! Live Better, Live Longer - Exercise is Medicine

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